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Using Thermography.

Not only is thermography a great fire prevention tool used across the electrical sector, a thermal imaging camera can detect; leaks, heat loss, water ingress and breaks in insulation during a building survey. Ideal for those looking to make their homes and businesses more efficient during the current energy crisis.

Using anomalies we detected water ingress on the left of the flat roof.

Unbeknown to this client, their flat roof wasn’t water tight. Identifying the problem at this stage was vital to prevent further water ingress. Which in-turn, will prevent further damage to the property and will create a cost saving down the line.

Surveying using a thermal imaging camera means;

There’s no down-time.
It’s non-destructive (no damage to find the root cause).
The results are instant.

Lillekers are able to carry out full building surveys, or call outs for more specific issues you may have in a domestic or commercial setting.

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