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Lilleker Bros Introduces new Thermography Services

Lilleker Bros turned 100 this year, and to mark the occasion we are offering our newest electrical engineering service, Thermography.

We have gained an ITC Category 1 Thermographer ISO18436 PCN Certification so we can offer thermal surveys; alongside periodic inspections, for maintenance purposes or call outs. There are many benefits to a thermal survey, the main one being NO DOWN TIME, which is a major benefit for a lot of our clients. The surveys are; fast, non-contact and cost effective as well as being an excellent fire prevention measure. Thermal surveys are used across many applications including; electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, process monitoring, quality control and medicine/veterinary.

What happens during a survey?

Our thermographer will attend site accompanied by an electrician. Using an infrared camera, heat patterns of an object will be detected, compared and captured to be later analysed in a report. Any heat patterns detected will be colour coded in a traffic light system against the severity criteria for the client. This initial report can then be used as a comparison tool during future inspections to identify a break down in the material. If the thermographer finds a critical fault the client will be notified immediately. 

For more information about our Thermography service or to request you survey contact us at Lilleker Bros today, online or over the phone.